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The Median Life

Posted on Tue Jan 01 2019

Have you ever complained about your life not being interesting enough? Have you been afraid you will be lost in the crowd? Have you ever been jealous of people who are being successful? Have you never abhorred people who are lazy and wasted?

Yes. We are living a life of deadlock.


We complain about not being able to excel or make a change, but do not want to forgo the security of living the common life. We tend to surround ourselves with people who are different (either successful or wasted) so that we can hide in the noise with our personality behind the veil. We don’t want to be judged for our errors. We don’t like being constantly watched for our flaws. We surround ourselves with losers and winners (in our opinion) on both sides to live a Median Life.

One must escape this life

However, it is interesting to observe the human attitude of complaining about the banality of their lives, while at the same time trying to be critical of others’ success and failures. This is quite hypocritical of the human race. Society affects us. Thus pulling everyone down to the median life will not help us escape it. Since, there are people like us in the society who would love to do the same to us.

So, to rise above this mediocrity we must be less critical of others (good or bad) and understand that all our extreme oriented friends were successful as they successfully escaped the death of The Median Life. So can you. I am sure.